Muslim radicals halt Christmas service in Indonesia

Muslim radicals halt Christmas service in Indonesia

ICC Note:

Islamic radicals stopped a Christmas service in Indonesia in West Java, Indonesia. Church-goers were gathered to listen to Chinese-Christian pastor and musician Stephen Tong Eng Tjong when a group of radical Muslims gathered outside the church. They then entered the building, interrupted the choir that was singing, and threatened violence as they stopped the service. They claimed they could not meet there because the venue was not equipped for such use and they accused the church-goers of attempting to convert Muslims. This has happened only 1 day after ICC reported on growing religious intolerance and ethnically fueled tension against the Chinese and Christian minorities in Indonesia. Unfortunately, almost nothing is being done to stop radical groups that halt church services and destroy church buildings in Indonesia.

12/8/2016 Indonesia (Asia News) – A large number of Protestant Christians gathered for a celebration ahead of Christmas, were stopped and dispersed by a group of Islamic radicals, who protested against the meeting and threatened them. The incident happened yesterday at Sabuga Hall in Bandung, capital of West Java province.

The faithful belong to the Evangelical Reformed Church and are followers of Stephen Tong Eng Tjong, an ethnic Chinese pastor, teacher and musician. The evangelical community belongs to the Messiah church in Jakarta, one of the largest places of worship in South-East Asia.

The Christians had gathered in the afternoon to listen to the pastor’s words and his “religious Strengthening” program (Kkr). In late afternoon, dozens of Muslims started to gather outside the hall. The radicals then entered the building, interrupting the choir that was singing on stage and dispersing the crowd with violence.

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