Al-Shabaab Kills Twelve Christians In Kenya Attack

ICC Note: The Islamic militant group of Al-Shabaab targeted Christians in north-east Kenya once again, where at least twelve people killed and several others injured. The terrorist group usually targets Christian Kenyans who are not from the area because they consider them infidels and are also seeking to enforce an Islamic state in Africa, supported by Al-Qaeda. Earlier this year, Al-Shabaab also carried out several other attacks against Christians to force them to leave what the militants considered Muslim territories.


10/25/2016, Kenya (Christian Today) – Twelve people have been killed at a hotel in north-east Kenya in an attack reportedly carried out by the Somali Islamist group Al-Shabaab.

World Watch Monitor (WWM) said that local media outlets “sympathetic” to the terrorist group reported that the militants “killed Christian Kenyans” who were not from the local area.

The BBC also reported that, “It is the latest in a spate of deadly attacks targeting Christians in the mainly Muslim region.”

Police in the town of Mandera, which lies on the border with Somalia, said the attackers used improvised explosives devices to break down the metallic doors of the Bishaaro Hotel, before entering and shooting 12 people dead in their rooms, WWM reported.

Please Pray for Comfort for the Bereaved!

[Full Story]


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