Nigeria @ 56: You shall be great again!

​Nigeria Shall Rise Again!!!

Nigeria shall be great again

Hope shall rise to save the day

Though in tongue we differ

But in Unity we shall sail afar!
Nigeria shall Prosper again

Men are free to create and relate

With integrity and probity 

Shunning violence and bigotry!
Nigeria shall rise again

A nation devoid of corruption

Where men labour and earn their wage

Without lies and deceit
Nigeria will flourish again

With good roads from Ikom to Jebba

Power shall flow from Lagos to Bama

and we shall pride in her both great and small
Nigeria indeed shall be green again 

Where our fields will be full of grain 

Overflowing with wine and honey

Never again with the blood of men

It’s high time we pondered

Both the led and the leaders

Let’s serve our nation with love and honesty

Then we’ll see the change in Nigeria as an entity!
Poem by Shonde A.D

Happy Birthday Nigeria!!!

#AlikamaPoems #CelebratingNaija #Licence_To_Share

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