Texas School District Paints Over Ten Commandments Following Complaint from Atheist Activist Group

ICC Note: Following a complaint from the Freedom from Religion Foundation, a high school in Texas has removed a mural of the Ten Commandments from one of their walls. The letter of complaint alleged that the presence of the Christian mural violated the US Constitution’s Establishment Clause. Although the mural has since been painted over, students initially rebelled against the decision by posting sticky notes with Bible verses throughout the halls.

By Heather Clark

United States (Christian News Network) – The superintendent of a school district in Texas has announced that a mural of the Ten Commandments at an area high school has been painted over following a complaint and legal threat from a professing atheist organization.

“After consultation with legal counsel, community members and students, I have decided as the Superintendent of O’Donnell ISD that the Ten Commandment mural will no longer be on display beginning Sept. 16, 2016,” Dr. Cathy Amonett announced in a statement just recently released to reporters.

As previously reported, the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) had sent a letter to Amonett earlier this month demanding that the district remove the painting, as well as a Scripture that had also been displayed on the wall at O’Donnell High School.

“By displaying a religious message in its entryway, O’Donnell ISD infringes on its students’ constitutionally protected religious freedom,” the letter read. “By endorsing a religious message, the school district violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.”

Following receipt of the correspondence, which was based upon an unidentified complainant, Amonett had the painting covered, as well as the quote of Isaiah 40:31. But students allegedly tore the black paper down in protest. The paintings were consequently re-covered with the American flag.

Students pushed back by posting scores of Scriptures on the wall.

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