New Pro-Biafra Group Threatens Churches in Nigeria

ICC Note: A new Pro- Biafra group is initiating a movement to shut down shops and religious institutions threating Christians against praying for the political and economic situation in Nigeria. General Nworie Onyeabo Ukwani, Commander of the group, expressed his disagreement with the church’s teaching regarding prayer and worship and its relation to saving Nigeria. Christians in Nigeria are already victims of violence and persecution due to their faith. Boko Haram militants, one of the greatest antagonist in the area, have carried out several attacks targeting Christians and their communities. On Sunday morning, the jihadists killed eight Christians when they were returning from their church service.  

9/23/2016, Nigeria (All Africa) – A new pro-Biafra group, Ancestors Warriors of Biafra (AWOB), has emerged with a threat against churches which encourage their followers to pray for the political and economic survival of Nigeria.

In a statement to journalists in Onitsha, Abia State, the General Commander of the group, General Nworie Onyeabo Ukwani said that the warning had become pertinent as most churches in ‘Biafra land’ preach for the survival of Nigeria as a country through their crusades, fellowships, regular worship and other intercessory sessions.

Calling on religious leaders to preach the message of Biafra in their various churches and interactions with followers, Ukwani stated that his group’s first two areas of concentration in realizing the state of Biafra would commence from the pulpit, while the schools were a major component of indoctrinating the young Biafrans the principles and expectations of a Biafran Republic.


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