Poem: Beer Lahai Roi! He sees Me!

​Beer Lahai Roi!

In the Land of dry sand

Between Kadesh and Bered

There lies a pool of water

Oh! In fact He is a Well!
Beer Lahai Rohi! What a fountain!

Different in purpose from the Rest!

How I wish He was a mountain

One would have said it’s for conquest!
Oh Vagabond! Won’t you Rejoice?

For in your journey here and there

There is a place full of care

And with a person who thus bless!
Beer Lahai Rohi! A place of Reproof

But from someone who could approve!

Runaway servant was not spared

As she took her mistress with contempt!
Go back home! The angel said!

‘Submit to her and be blessed,

For your seed shall be great

If only you will obey!
Beer Lahai Rohi! She exclaimed!

He sees me! Yes I am Sure He did!

Beside This well with clarity

As she journeyed back to destiny

Beer Lahai Rohi! A place to meditate

The Promised Child will go but not in haste

Staying in the field to contemplate

Of what the maker will relate!
Dearly Beloved, Never Hesitate!

Run to The Well without Delay!

He is not a cistern that can decay

But a Well spring with peace to serve!
By Shonde A.D 
Culled from Hagar’s encounter with the angel in the wilderness after fleeing from Sarai! And Isaac’s usual act of meditation at this particular location! Genesis 16 and Genesis 24 vs 62 ff.
Feel free to share!
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