​Sudanese Pastors Face Espionage Charges and Possibly Death

ICC Note: Two Sudanese pastors that have been imprisoned since December 2015 and held without charges have now been charged with national security crimes that could result in the death penalty. The charges against Kuwa Shamaal and Hassan Abdulraheem Taour include espionage and various crimes against the state, none of which carry any evidence or merit. 

Sudan particularly targets Christian pastors with persecution, cracking down on gospel ministry by imprisoning church leaders and subjecting them to arduous interrogations and indefinite jail time without access to their families.

Sudan (Christian Today) – Two pastors have been charged with national security crimes in Sudan, despite little evidence, giving further indication of increased persecution against Christians in the country.

The charges come despite “evidence that would not justify an arrest, let alone a conviction”,according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide(CSW), a Christian charity that advocates for those facing persecution.Rev Abduraheem and Rev Shamal were arrested in December last year, although Shamal had been released until May. 

Their lawyers have previously expressed concernat their conditions in the jail, stating that they are in small rooms, with limited ventilation and intermittent electricity.…

Pray that God will arise and plead their cause!


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