Editorials: Ten creative ways to end poverty

PUBLISHED ON 9 August, 2016 

BY Ronne Rock

USA (MNN) — What can ordinary people do to help end poverty around the world?Food for the Hungryis sharing ten creative approaches in a new e-book.

(Image courtesy of Food for the Hungry)

10 Creative Ways to End Povertyfeatures the stories of those using their gifts and talents to support the ministry. Karen Randau, Content Manager for Food for the Hungry, says the stories are inspiring.“We have a child who hosted an ice cream social at his church, and an artist who has used some of the proceeds from the sale of her art to sponsor a child.”

The e-book is the newest addition to Food for the Hungry’s vast array of free resources availableon their website.Randau says, “We want to help people understand God’s heart for the poor, and the ways that work in ending poverty in people’s lives, and be inspirational to them; to know that one person can make a difference.”For Randau, the stories are reminders of her personal testimony. 

She smiles as she reflects on her own journey. “We talk about how people want to help those people ‘out there’ in a third world country or a developing country, and so often we’re the ones who get changes – and that was me.”Randaus’s is one of the ten stories in the e-book, as she has pledged a portion of the royalties from her new mystery novel to the ministry.

(Image courtesy of Food for the Hungry)

In addition to praying for and supporting Food for the Hungry, Randau says there is an important thing everyone can do to help the vulnerable.“You can write letters to your representatives in Congress to let them know you want them to continuefunding important programs that do help end poverty – not just put a band-aid over it, but end poverty in people’s lives. “Randau says helping end physical poverty in the lives of the vulnerable has far-reaching, eternal impact and she asks that people pray for more individuals, churches, and businesses to heed the call.

She shares, “When they are being served by Christian people showing them, ‘Here’s how you can feed your children, here’s another way to farm, here’s a way you can have clean water so you can give your children water and not worry about it’ – that right there opens their mind and their heart for hearing the Gospel.”

Learn more about Food for the Hungry’s ministry efforts on their website, and download your free copy of 10 Creative Ways to End Poverty.


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