Poem: In Him I Find Peace!

​In Him I find Peace!

In search for bliss, I groan in pains,

Moving, living, hoping for same

Who could care in feat and shame?

But a Saviour near and dear!
Thanks to The Lion and The Lamb

Meek and harmless, down-to-earth

Sparing Himself not; flesh and blood

His All He gave, Just for my Peace!
There lies His Blood, Purge for Sin

Untold Forgiveness through thick and thin!

Like an offering, He chose to shed,

To make me worthy till the end!
Glory! Glory! I rejoice!

At His vow to mute defame,

The Accuser is silent aye!

Indeed, my Peace secured in Him!
Christ did it all, not of works!

Redemption he bought free for all

Lucifer speechless, the Third day!

When my King rose, to die no more!
Only believe, Just believe!

Draw near to Him as you are!

The Vilest of all, He cast not out!

That peace he gives might be yours!

Culled from Hebrews 10 vs. 19-22, Ephesians 2 vs. 13

#AlikamaHeralds #AlikamaPoems #PeaceIGive #Poet #MysteryOfTheBlood #GospelWritings #JesusPeace

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Inspired by God! Writing by Shonde A.D



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