​Christian Students Being Pressured to Convert to Islam in Pakistan

ICC Note: According to reports, Pakistani Christians are being forced to convert to Islam and facing religious persecution and discrimination on account of their faith. Last year, a petition was given to the Supreme Court asking them to end this discrimination, and this year the Pakistani Minorities Teachers Association (PMTA) asked the Chief Justice to launch an inquiry into the issue. 

The government has since promised that they will look into the issue. Christian students in Pakistan are forced to learn all about Islam and recite statements of faith that are equivalent to converting. Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim country where other religious minorities, like Christians, face various forms of persecution, this being one.
Pakistan(Christian Daily) – Allegations that Pakistani Christian students are being pressured into converting to Islam have prompted the Punjab government to launch an investigation into the matter.

Last year, Pakistani Christian leaders filed a petition with the Supreme Court to put an end to discrimination against minorities in the education sector. Earlier this year, the Pakistan Minorities Teachers’ Association (PMTA) urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to launch an inquiry into victimization and religious persecution of non-Muslim students, Christian Today reports.

Pray that justice, equity and fairness will prevail in Pakistan!


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