​Malaysian Man Finally Released from Prison after Acting as the Prison’s Minister for 28 Years

ICC Note: For the untold numbers of Christians suffering seemly without relief in prisons around the world, Mr. Sam’s story is a story of exceptional inspiration. The full scope of details surrounding his initial arrest is vague, but the length of his sentence seems very harsh for merely owning a gun. 

It was truly the inspiration and presence of God in his heart and mind which enabled him to defeat anger, avoid despair, and embrace love for God and those around him. His story is a prime example of God’s desire to use Christians to proliferate the Gospel even asthey are suffering, repressed, and/or persecuted.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  (The Straits Times) -He stepped out of the gate and soaked in the sun. Asked how he felt, Mr Sam Kian Sang said: “Very excellent.”Mr Sam is a man of God. The 59-year-old counsels people, leads daily worship and conducts Bible classes – in prison.Until Monday (July 25), Sam was also a convict, serving a natural life term for possession of a gun.He has now been pardoned by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and is finally a free man after 28 years behind bars.A natural life term, unlike a life term, would have doomed him to die in the prison. 

Anyone serving a life term can be freed after 20 years, with one-third remission.In the first three years, Mr Sam said, he was filled with anger, struggling to accept the fact that he had been put behind bars.Then, he came to accept that there was nothing he could do but to serve his time.

He brought himself under control, calmed himself down and began to “settle down”.Mr Sam said that for many years, he had hoped to be pardoned and never gave up.”It’s a journey of life. 

How did I get the patience? Because I believe in God and God gave me strength. I focused on staying positive and changing 100 per cent to become a good person.”Other inmates told me they were going mad after being in prison for a few years. I helped them to think positively, using myself as an example.”I told them to be patient and to believe in God. 

I told them I could remain calm and change for the better even though I may never be released and I convinced them,” said Mr Sam after his release.On the moment when he walked out of the Kajang Prison, Mr Sam said: “The sky was bright and I felt a very positive aura. I feel that everything is new after losing touch with the outside world for so long.”…

Praise God for Mr Sam’s release.


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