Rise of Islamic Extremism in Bangladesh as Number of Christians Increases

ICC Note: Reports say that there has been an increase in the level of persecution from Islamic terrorists in Bangladesh recently. The attack on a Dhaka café on July 1 was the most recent attack in a string of incidents that targeted Christians, in particular. This increase in violence seems to be following the expansion of Christianity in the country. Bangladesh remains primarily Muslim, but is seeing increased conversions to Christianity.

 Bangladesh(Express) – Some 22 people were killed in a deadly attack on a café in Dhaka on July 1 with the Government blaming local homegrown militants despite Islamic State (ISIS) reportedly claiming responsibility.Local pastors say the attack is the latest in a string of targeted killings which have left Christians and religious minorities fearing for their lives.The attack took place in Dhaka’s diplomatic zone, Gulshan, causing widespread fear and concern about the rise in Islamic extremism in the country.A worker for Christian advocacy charity Open Doors said: “Survivors of the attack said the killers made their hostages recite verses from the Koran.”…

Pray for Christ’s reign in Bangladesh!


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