Swiss Missionary Kidnapped in Mali ‘Still Alive’

ICC Note: A video was released on social media June 16, showing Beatrice Stockly to be still alive. Stockly is a Christian nun from Switzerland who was kidnapped and imprisoned by Al-Qaeda in January of 2016.

This was her second arrest, her first one taking place back in 2012. She was kidnapped by Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda for her apparent declaration of war on Islam in an attempt to convert Muslims to Christianity in Mali.

Al-Qaeda has said they will not release her until three AQIM (Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb) fighters and one of their leaders who are in prison currently are released.

Switzerland however is calling for her unconditional release. The video that was just released shows a veiled Stockly alive, saying that she is in good health and has been treated well. Al-Qaeda and other rebel groups in Mali have increased their activity in the past two years.

As a radical-Islamic terrorist group, Al-Qaeda is known for targeting Christians, such as Stockly, in line with their Jihadist mission.


By Illia Djadi
Timbuktu, Mali(WorldWatch Monitor) – Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has released a video, purporting to show that a Swiss nun kidnapped in Mali in January is alive and in good health.

The three-minute video, posted on social media (16 June), shows a veiled Beatrice Stockly speaking in French, saying that she has been detained for 130 days but is in good health and has been treated well, although it has been very hot. She concludes by thanking her family and the Swiss government for all their efforts to secure her release.

Previous report (15 February): Al-Qaeda in Africa has claimed the kidnapping of the Swiss missionary Beatrice Stockly, who was abducted in Mali in January.

In an eight-minute video, in which Stockly appears dressed in a black hijab, a masked speaker with a British accent claims responsibility on behalf of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).“Beatrice Stockly is a Swiss nun who declared war against Islam in her attempt to Christianize Muslims,” the speaker said.

The conditions of her release include setting free AQIM fighters jailed in Mali, and one of their leaders detained at the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

Switzerland has demanded her unconditional release. AQIM, which is based in the Sahara Desert between Mali, Niger and Algeria, was involved in the January attack in Ouagadougou, the capital of neighboring Burkina Faso, which left 29 dead, including a US missionary and six Canadians visiting the country on behalf of a church.

Last week AQIM released Jocelyn Elliott, an Australian Christian woman kidnapped with her husband in northern Burkina Faso on the same day as the attack in the capital. The Islamist group said in an audio recording that it released Mrs. Elliott so as”not to make women involved in the war”.Stockly was taken from her home in Timbuktu by armed gunmen on 7 January.

It was the second time she had been kidnapped by Islamists. The most important condition of her release, the speaker in the video said, was that she did not return to any Muslim land preaching Christianity. The Swiss government had warned her not to return to Mali after her release in 2012.…

Join hands in praying for her release!


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