Seven Christians in Nepal Arrested for Allegedly Converting People to Christianity

ICC Note: Seven Christians in Nepal have been arrested for allegedly converting people to Christianity. This came after police arrested the Christians for distributing handkerchiefs to students that included a Bible handbook called “A Great Story”.

In April 2015, Nepal passed a constitutional amendment that made any attempts to convert the religion of another individual illegal.

Over the past couple of years, Christianity has grown rapidly in Nepal, especially after Christian aid organizations began relief efforts following recent earthquakes.

Many Christians see the anti-conversion amendment as a move by Hindu nationalists seeking to push forward their Hindu nationalist agenda and against the growth of Christianity.


Nepal(The Christian Times) – Seven Christians were arrested on Thursday, June 9, in Dolakha district, Nepal for allegedly converting people to Christianity.

The seven Christians had reportedly distributed handkerchiefs together with Bible handbooks called “A Great Story” to a total of 885 students.

Among those arrested, two were owners and principals of private schools: Prakash Pradhan, proprietor of Mount Valley Boarding School, and Bimal Shahi, proprietor of Modern Nepal School. Pradhan and Shahi often organize activities for the students.

The others who were arrested were part of a Christian organization called Teach Nepal: Banita Dangol, Bhim Bahadur Tamang, Balkrishna Rai, Kiran Dahal and Philip Tamang.

Local authorities learned about the activity and reported it to the police, according to UCA News. The persons involved were all arrested on charges of converting other people to another religion through the distribution of religious handbooks, which is illegal under the constitution.

The 2015 amendments to the Nepalese constitution include a provision that makes it illegal for any person to convert another to a different religion.

Article 26 (3) states: “No person shall, in the exercise of the right conferred by this Article, do, or cause to be done, any act which may be contrary to public health, decency and morality or breach public peace, or convert another person from one religion to another or any act or conduct that may jeopardize other’s religion.”

The amendment does not specify which activities are considered as acts of religious conversion.…

Let’s pray for their release!


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