India: the story of LIFE.

India (LFI) — In India, the second most populous country in the world, having a baby may seem quite commonplace.

(Photo courtesy LIFE Internatoinal)

But a woman’s medical knowledge and understanding of what happens within her body during pregnancy is not.

Often, women in India have no clue about prenatal care, nor do they truly grasp the sanctity of their own lives and the lives growing within.

At the invitation of Vinita Shaw, founder and CEO of DISHA Foundation in India, LIFE International recently provided resources to help educate more than 60 women on women’s health during pregnancy and the sanctity of life. “Women could not learn enough,” says Melinda Delahoyde of LIFE International.

In a largely patriarchal culture, Delahoyde says, “You take that message to women. You work in relationships with women, teaching young girls starting early to get those facts to them so that when they’re educated and when they get older, they know the truth and they’re able to share that.”

But that’s only half the story. “We know women talk to each other, they share with each other, they help each other.”

In so doing Delahoyde says the sanctity of life message combined with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is getting into the hearts and minds of women. She adds, “When those two truths go out together, God makes a way… And the results are always the same: hearts are healed with the Gospel and lives are saved.”

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Pray for the success of this project!


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