Book Review: Understanding the Anointing by Kenneth E. Hagin.

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Kenneth E. Hagin’s book ‘Understanding the Anointing ‘ is a book I find so fascinating, interesting, soul inspiring and prayer provoking. it was published by Faith Library Publication for Kenneth Hagin Ministries in 1983.


It is a 162 page book divided into 3 sections.
I. The individual anointing with 4 chapters.
II. Anointing on Ministry Gifts with 10 chapters and
III. The Corporate Anointing with just a chapter.
Section 1.
Brother Hagin (permit me to use that appellation )  started by giving us the background of Anointing from the old testament days saying that only king, priest and prophet are anointed to stand in their office. he went further by affirming that we have the Anointing freely in our days.
he analysed Jesus and his ministry, giving us an idea that Jesus actually operated in the fivefold ministries according to Ephesians 4vs.8.
Brother Gaging stressed that every believer must have…

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