Become a book missionary through Christian Resources International

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International)

Kenya (MNN) — Do you have an extra Bible you’re not using? How about a Bible study or maybe a book on spiritual growth you’ve just finished.

That Bible, study and book are welcomed resources to thousands of people around the world. Here’s an opportunity to send your Bible or books as missionaries through Christian Resources International.

“We encourage people around the United States to send their Bibles and Christian books to us and then we take those Bibles and books and we get them in the hands of people around the globe free of charge,” says Jason Woolford of Christian Resources International.

To date, CRI has sent more than $282,000,000 of free Bibles and Christian books to more than 170 countries. “The amazing thing about that is those were books sitting on people’s shelves or going to be thrown out.”

Given the response, Woolford is thrilled about CRI’s reach into Kenya. “Kenya is going so great! We’re training up 100 pastors every month and we’re giving to those pastors the Bibles and the seminary and leadership books they need to go in and reach their communities.”

He goes on to say, “We recently got a wonderful story from a gentleman in Kenya thanking us that for the first time in 60 years of being a Christian he was able now to read out of his own Bible.”

Woolford says another shipment of Bibles and books was just sent to Hong Kong, with more shipments planned to Calcutta, India and to Ghana Africa. In fact, another shipment is already on its way to Kenya.

Woolford says the cost in sending the container was not fully funded, but CRI sent it believing funds will be provided by faithful readers and listeners. Your gifts are welcome to make sure these valuable resources are unloaded and placed in the hands of Kenyan believers and non-believers alike.

Visit to learn more.


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