Aftershocks hit Ecuador, country still in need


Ecuador (MNN) – Aftershocks continue to hit Ecuador more than a month after the 7.8 quake that devastated the same coastal region on April 16.

Wednesday quakes, according to Reuters, reached magnitudes 6.7 and 6.8, causing light damage, electricity outages, and sending people into the streets in fear. One man was killed and many were injured in the chaos.

Quakes were felt hundreds of miles away from the epicenter.

Image courtesy of Compassion International.

The country faces major repair costs and emotional damage already. Reuters puts the government’s estimates of damage at $2 billion with 29,000 people homeless. Each additional tremor threatens to further damage infrastructure, and people are scared.

Coming alongside

Since the quakes last month, Compassion International’s Ecuador staff has been scrambling to assess and meet the needs of the communities, families, and children they serve.

Compassion helps children all over Ecuador. (Image courtesy of Compassion via Instagram).

They have over 70,000 children in their program in Ecuador with 13,000 in 30 miles of the effected region. Four church partners had to close down their buildings due to structural damage.

In disasters like these, victims can lack basic provisions of food, water, and shelter. In the pain of loss, they might also lack hope. As they attempt to return to normal life, they fear more loss.

The need

Compassion and their church partners seek to answer any need they can. They aim to help communities long-term as they grapple for sustainability. In addition, they share the hope found in Christ—a hope that cannot be destroyed.

They are asking for your help, primarily through prayer.

Compassion shared the following prayer list last month:

• Pray for the local officials and government, that their efforts at relief and rebuilding will be swift and fruitful. Pray for effective mobilization of resources and volunteers.

• Pray for the victims and families of the deceased, that God will provide them with quick recoveries and comfort in their grief.

• Pray for miraculous stories of survival as people are pulled from the rubble and the endurance of those carrying out rescue efforts.

• Pray for the Compassion Ecuador staff and our local church partners as they assess the needs of the children and their families.

• Pray for the children in our program and their families, that the “God who sees” will provide safety and be with them through this tragedy.

They also need financial assistance. You can contribute to the Ecuador emergency fundhere.


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