Woman in Uganda Says Muslims Beat, Raped Her for Accusing Imam of Killing Her Father

ICC Note: A 22-year-old Christian woman in eastern Uganda is recovering after radical Muslims reportedly beat and raped her following her testimony against a local sheikh who she alleged murdered her father because of his faith.

She was found in a pool of blood on April 19 bearing cuts all over her body. The following Morning Star News report includes the details of this persecution event, which has become a common occurrence in eastern Uganda.

In that region, Christians face this kind of persecution on a regular basis in Muslim-dominated pockets of the country, according to Morning Star News.


Uganda(Morning Star News) – Muslims in eastern Uganda beat and raped a young Christian woman for testifying that a mosque leader killed her father because of his faith, sources said.

The imam at a mosque in Kanyumu village, Pallisa District, Sheikh Musana Ibrahim, and two other Muslims killed Samson Mukama on Jan. 28, according to his daughter.

The 22-year-old woman, whose name is withheld, said she was beaten and raped on April 19 for telling a court what she had witnessed. She was found unconscious in a pool of blood, with several cuts on her body, after the attack on her that evening at the home in which she had taken refuge in Kanginima village,Pallisa District.

She told Morning Star News that one of the three Muslims who assaulted her told her, “We shall kill you today because you are the one who made our sheikh to be imprisoned.”…

Pray that God will vindicate her


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