Women Who Fled Boko Haram Tell of Devastation and, Rarely, Hope

ICC Note: Horrific stories emerge from thewomen who were once Boko Haram captives. So many tell the tale of forced conversion, rape, and forced marriage.

For these women, life will never be the same. As one would imagine, the images of theirfathers, brothers, and sons facing slaughter at the hands of Boko Haram fighters may never disappear from their memory.

This is what persecution is like in northern Nigeria: a litany of the worst kinds of tortures the human mind can imagine made real through the lives of Boko Haram’s former slaves.


By Helene Cooper
Yola, Nigeria(New York Times) — When the boy next door joined Boko Haram, Mummy Ibrahim knew she had to run.

For the past few months, her next door neighbor had been telling everyone in their village just outside of Maiduguri thathe was going to force Mummy, a soft-spoken girl with large eyes, to be his bride.

And, she said, he had finally figured out the way to do it: by pledging allegiance to Boko Haram and then taking, by force, the girl he had watched grow up into a gorgeous 15-year-old.Mummy fled.

In the middle of the night, she and her family crept out of their house and ran. It took two days to get to the village of Wuba, where friends hid them for two weeks, and then another week to make it to this town, where the United Nations has set up a refugee camp populated primarily by the women and children Boko Haram has driven from their homes….

Pray for peace in Nigeria


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