Editorial: The “Wives” of Boko Haram

ICC Note: One of the most heinous way that Boko Haram persecutes the Church in northern Nigeria is through abduction and sexual violence. Countless women, many of them Christians can tell terrifying tales of kidnapping, forced conversion, beatings, and rape.

The report puts a face to the trauma, as these women have faced unspeakable horrors in Boko Haram captivity, now free to tell their story.

Taken from their homes by Boko Haram fighters, these Nigerian women were held captive for months — some even longer. They escaped. But going home is another matter.


Yola, Nigeria(FP) – Laraba Bitrus was working in a small grocer’s shop in the northeastern Nigerian town of Gwoza when Boko Haram militants invaded.

With nowhere to run, the armed men took her captive, beat her with a whip, and forced her to watch as they sawed off her uncle’s head.

After 11 days, she fled on foot, traveling through the bush to Madagali, where she stayed until the extremists took over that small town as well, forcing her to flee again: this time further south to Yola, the capital of Adamawa state, where she now lives in the catholic St. Theresa’s refugee camp.

She was one of the lucky ones….

Pray for the deliverance of those in captivity!!!


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