Muslim Teacher Who Died Saving Christians from al-Shabaab Honored for ‘Act of Courage’

ICC Note: Kenya has awarded the Order of the Great Warrior to Muslim Salah Farah posthumously for his bravery in defending Christians during an al-Shabaab terror attack on a bus near Mandera, Kenya in December.


Farah reportedly refused for the Islamist gunmen to separate Muslims and Christians during the hijacking and paid for it with his life. He sustained a gunshot wound that day and died weeks later in the hospital. The story stand as an uplifting example of solidarity in the midst of persecution. Al-Shabaab has become notorious for targeting Christians,specifically, as they employed the same tactic successfully on April 2, 2015 when they attacked Garissa University, murdering 148 people, mostly Christians.

During the assault, they separated Christians and Muslims and killed the believers.

By Carey Lodge

4/1/16 Kenya(CP) – A Kenyan Muslim teacher who protected Christians from death at the hands of al-Shabaab terrorists in an attack last year has received one of the country’s top awards for bravery.

Salah Farah, who died of his injuries sustained in the attack, has been awarded with the Order of The Great Warrior, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta announced yesterday.

Kenyatta said he was proud that Farah had”refused to be divided by terrorism” and said the award was being given to praise”his act of courage”.

Pray that God will he with His family!


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