Removing Prayers from missions is like removing engine from a car – An Interview

When God calls a man to labour in His vineyard, He is very much interested in everything that will make him do His biddings.
The place of intercession in the work of missions cannot be overemphasized. Mr. Alikama Amos, a missionary with CMF in Gambia gave us an audience and the interview was captured by Shonde Abiola…


Shonde A: Hello sir and good evening to you
Alikama: Evenin Sir.
Shonde A : How are you and the family, the work and brethren over there sir?
Alikama: Thank God For the family, we are in good condition and the brethren too.
Shonde A: Good to hear that! Can you confirm your location and your base here in Gambia?
Alikama: We in  the Central River  Region and we base in Bansang.
Shonde A: For the sake of our readers, let us get to know you briefly?
Alikama: I am Amos Akinwumi Alikama by name, working with Christian Missionary Foundation CMF
Shonde A: How did you feel at first when you were called by God into this assignment sir?
Alikama: It was not easy. I felt reluctant, i saw it as a punishment, why me? Why will He not allow me to live my life the way I want. I planned to become a Banker and a succesful business man at the same time.
So, I became the exact type of Brother Jonah. But I thank God today .
Shonde A: Hallelujah to God for that! Sir, what is your take on the place of prayer in Missions?
Alikama: Is like removing Engine from a  car. Missions cannot do without Prayer
Shonde A: Sir! Do you think that much is been done by the Church as regards this powerful and prevailing tool for missions called prayers?
Alikama: Is like when I was in Bayelsa state Nigeria, a boy came to me and said: sir, you don’t know the people here if your power enough power you will stay and if their power is more than your own, you cannot stay.
Shonde A: What is your advice for the sending force I.e. the Church concerning the Ministry of intercession?
Alikama: Yes yes but I would like the Church to do more, emulate biblical example.
Shonde A: what is Your advice for youths that have sensed the call upon their lives?
Alikama: I want the body of Christ to rise and see it as collective work, not the work of  selective member of the church.
Shonde A: Thank you for your time and regards to the family and the brethren! From all of us here,  we pray for grace to do exploits for Him in that Land !
Alikama: The youths should forget the fear of the future, what will become of me, how will i survive etc. Myself as a case study- we want to please God but wonder if His plan for our future is as good or better than the ones we have mapped out for ourselves. So, we therefore reluctant to let Him chose our future. We are afraid that God will mess up our lives. I am a living witness. God will not mess us your life. Please youths, God will make your life just allow Him.
Shonde A: Thank you sir.
Alikama : It is a pleasure. Hope to have another time with you again.
Shonde A: Yes by God’s grace!


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