Shandong Students to be Expelled for Private Prayer Group in China

ICC Note: According to reports, five students from China’s Shandong Yingcai College are to be expelled after it was discovered that they were participating in a private prayer group.


The expulsion follows a recent document from the Shandong Provincial Department of Education, which states that schools must expel students if they participate in gatherings of three or more for religious purposes.

By Ava Collins
China(China Aid) – Five college students in China’s eastern Shandong face expulsion after they held a private prayer meeting on Tuesday.

Around noon at Shandong Yingcai College,someone used a cell phone to photograph the five students, Li Binbin, Zhang Yaqi, Ni Wangjie, Chen Huiyun, and Chen Ping, while they prayed and turned the photos over to the police station.

The Shandong Provincial Department of Education recently issued a document claiming that the school must expel any students gathering for religious activities in groupsof three or more. Another member of the prayer group, Jia Rong was not punished.…

Pray for their release!


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