Urgent prayer request for Pastor Rodne

PUBLISHED ON 21 December, 2015 BY Beth Stolicker Left to Right:
Niclerge, Pastor Rodne.


(Courtesy Photo AMG International)

Haiti (MNN) — Pastor Rodne and his wife, Niclerge, recently found out Rodne is sick with stage four non-Hodgkin B-cell lymphoma. The couple served in Haiti for more than 25 years. Fifteen of those years have been spent serving with AMG International.

During this time, Rodne and his wife planted numerous churches, established multiple schools, and oversaw two medical clinics be built. Now, their circumstances of their lives are shifting. Rodne is no longer able to walk and uses a wheelchair to get around. 

The cancer has widespread lesions in both the kidneys, his spleen, and wrapped around his spinal cord. Thanks to a caring doctor, Rodne is now receiving treatment in the United States.

In November, he began radiation. Now he is working through a 6-cycle course of chemotherapy every three weeks. However, he doesn’t have health insurance and is paying the costs out of pocket. The chemotherapy bill alone, even after a 40% discount from the hospital, is over $70,000. Rodne is still waiting to be billed for his radiation treatment.

Thankfully, a generous family who visited Haiti has provided Rodne with a place to stay during his treatment. AMG is raising funds to help Rodney with the costs.
Financial help and prayers are needed.
Please pray for:
*.God’s financial provision

*.Rodne’s complete and total healing
*.God’s strength and peace for Rodney and Niclerge through this difficult time.


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