The power of a gift

PUBLISHED by Beth Stolicker


International (MNN) — Two-thousand years ago, God gave us the greatest gift ever. He gave us the gift of hope, through the birth of His son, Jesus Christ. Gifts can be pretty powerful,depending on what they are.

Reach Global Crisis Response understands      this, and they’re asking you to join them in giving. Reach Global offers three ways to give to someone in need this holiday. There are three main countries facing extreme crises right now. These countries include Nepal, Haiti, and Lebanon.


(Photo courtesy of EFCA via website)


The people of Nepal suffered two earthquakes in April and May. Now, they’re living through a blockade over their country’s constitution. Because of the blockade, food and fuel supplies are low.

  There’s also a lack of clean water. But you can change this. For $50, you can give a Nepalese a water filter providing clean and safe water.


(Photo courtesy of EFCA via website)


It’s no small fact that Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. 59% of Haiti’s population lives below the nations poverty line. But a $30 gift for a tire can surprisingly do a lot. A tire can be used to support garden bed, providing food for a family.


(Photo courtesy of EFCA via website)


In Lebanon, refugees make up about 1/5 of the total population. Refugees don’t have a lot, but they do have a lot of needs. And refugees who are mothers of young children have even more needs. Their bodies need to be healthy to support their children, and they need to take them everywhere they go.

Reach Global is trying to help these moms by taking donations for baby carriers and vitamins. For a gift of$50, you can help a mom stay healthy and support her child(ren).

As you go through this season of giving and thankfulness, consider giving a gift to these people in need. If you’re not able to give, please pray for the people of Nepal, Haiti, and Lebanon.

Pray for God’s hand in everything happening in these areas, and pray for evidence of His work.


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