Christians in Bangladesh Survive Arson Attack

ICC Note: Christians in northern Bangladesh survived an arson attack where a group of Muslim radicals attempted to burn four Christian families alive in their own homes. Attacks on Christians and church leaders have dramatically increased in recent months, causing many in Bangladesh to fear more persecution in the future. Pray for Christians in Bangladesh.


Bangladesh (Worthy News) -In early November, a group of Muslims attempted to burn four Christian families alive by setting their homes in the village of Kamarpara, Bangladesh, on fire, but neighbors helped them to escape the flames.

According to Barnabas Aid, Muslims had accused the Christians of practicing witchcraft. But according to survivor Ramni Das, the real reason for the attacks was to take possession of their property.”For more than a year, Muslim youths from a neighboring village accused us of practicing witchcraft and told us to leave the village,” said Das. “They abused us in public and threw bricks at our houses.”…

Pray for safety for God’s Children!

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