Christian Leader in Pakistan Begs West to Open Doors to Persecuted Pakistani Christians

ICC Note: A Christian leader in Pakistan has begged the West to open its doors to persecuted Christians fleeing Pakistan. This comes as European nations announce their intention to take in thousands of Syrian refugees. It is estimated 30,000 Christians have fled Pakistan due to persecution and are now living as refugees in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malaysia. These Christian refugees are still seeking resettlement by the UNHCR in a because Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malaysia do not resettle refugees.


9/10/2015 Pakistan (Daily Pakistan) – President of Pakistan Christian Congress has urged the leadership of European Union, United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Canada and other European countries to open doors to the persecuted Pakistani Christians.

Dr Nazir S. Bhatti has written to the leaders asking Pakistani Christian asylum seekers should be accommodated in EU, UK, USA and other European countries, reported news website, Christians in Pakistan.

Bhatti’s plea comes after the announcement from the UK to take in Syrian refugees, while Germany welcoming tens and thousands of refugees from Syria.

He has petitioned the leaders of UK, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Hungry, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and other EU member states to give refuge to Pakistani Christian asylum seekers by allowing them an easy entry in their countries.“Thousands of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers are not economic immigrants but persecuted Christians who are not rich to pay huge amounts to human traffickers to reach shores of Europe,” the letter reads.…

Pray that this plea will be accepted and the Body of Christ will take advantage of it to reach out to the unreached.


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