Safe from Destruction, saved from Abortion – a story from Ukraine

Ukraine (LFI) —[EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a story posted directly from LIFE International. It is about the Kharkov Pregnancy Assistance Center–a ministry in Ukraine supported by LIFE International through training resources, project grants, and emergency relief funds.

you can learn more about LIFE International’s work to end abortion.]
Lena Batina shares how her team at Kharkov Pregnancy Assistance Center is learning to serve the 180,000 refugees who have poured into their city.

Nadiya* was looking for an abortion, and the name Kharkov Pregnancy Assistance Center sounded like a promise for help. When she called, the volunteer answering the phone invited her to an ultrasound appointment to determine how far along she was in her pregnancy.

Nadiya arrived with her 8-year-old son, filled out the paperwork, and told the staff her story. A year ago she was pregnant and had to flee with her family from the fighting in Lugansk.

Living in a shelter with seven other families, Nadiya felt hopeless to care for another child, so she determined that an abortion was the solution to her immediate problem. But now she was pregnant again.


The destruction of the house after the shelling in eastern Ukraine.(Photo and caption courtesy of LFI)

Nadiya and her family share an apartment in Kharkov with another family, and each family has a single room to occupy.
Such close living has caused a lot of tension and stress for this young family.
Lena shared with Nadiya about the Israelites’ wandering in the desert. God’s plan had been for the Israelites to enter the land in40 days,but because they were afraid and did not want to fight to take the land, their sojourn in the desert became 40 years.

God used Lena to teach Nadiya about trusting the Lord, even when she is overwhelmed by fear and unbelief. When we are faithful to trust God and obey Him, He will provide for us! Nadiya believed, placed her trust in Christ, and chose to protect the life of her unborn child!

*Name changed for confidentiality.

Pray for more doors to be opened for soul to be won for Christ.

Do well to pray along with us and share this Post to others. Jesus loves you! thanks


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