Update: Pastor Saeed Abedini Attacked & Beaten by Fellow Prisoners

ICC Note: Pastor Saeed Abedini, imprisoned for his faith in Christ, has endured yet another gruesome beating in jail in Iran. Fellow prisoners attacked Saeed while he was leaving his cell last Wednesday. In his three years behind bars, the Christian leader has experienced numerous beatings. Wife, Naghmeh, has repeatedly expressed concern over the conditions her husband is being held in.


06-11-2015 Iran(ACLJ): Wednesday of last week, fellow prisoners viciously beat American Pastor Saeed Abedini in prison. Unprovoked, fellow prisoners  attacked Pastor Saeed as he attempted to leave his cell, punching him in the face near his left eye and nose. 

In addition to physically beating the persecuted pastor, prisoners demolished a small table Pastor Saeed used to study and read. As he was attacked, Pastor Saeed called out for help.  Iranian prison guards did intervene and prevent further injury.  However, Pastor Saeed suffered injuries to his face – his eyes beaten black and blue.  He was able to be seen briefly by a prison doctor, and thankfully he did not receive any broken bones.

This wasn’t the first time he was beaten.  Over the course of his nearly three years in prison, he has suffered numerous beatings, including from prison guards.  He has sustained internal injuries that require surgery.  With each beating, his condition worsens.  Even before this most recent beating, Naghmeh testified about the toll it has taken on him, “I’m not just worried about his physical pain, but his psychological [pain].”…

Pray that Pastor Saeed be comforted as he passes through persecution.

Do well to pray along with us and share this Post to others. Jesus loves you! thanks

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