Believer pray as al Shabaab recruits

Published by Greg Yoder on June 10, 2015

Al Shabaab is instilling fear in the people of Kenya as they recruit new members.


(Photocourtesy of VOMCanada)
Kenya (VCM) — the Voice of the Martyrs Canada says members of the Somali Islamic terror group al Shabaab have been dropping off leaflets in various areas of Kenya warning of future attacks on Christian schools inside the country, similar to the April 2nd massacre at Garissa University College in which almost 150 people were tragically killed.

Kenyan officials are presently in the process of increasing security measures and investigating the origin of the leaflets. In the past, representatives of alShabaab had clearly stated that their goal is to force Kenya to cease its war on Somalia’s militants. However, in the process, this group has intentionally targeted innocent Christians,waging horrific persecution that has terrorized all the residents of eastern Kenya.

Please prayerfully uphold the numerous families and community members who are still in shock over the sudden loss of dear loved ones and friends killed during the horrific massacre at Garissa University. As they embark on their grieving journey, may the reassuring presence of our Lord supernaturally sustain and comfort them, bringing to their remembrance His many promises of eternal life.
May any discouragement among the Christians in Kenya be replaced with renewed devotion and spiritual fervency, increasing their resolve to persevere during these troubled times.

Pray that the Lord will have mercy on the members of al Shabaab, working mightily in their hearts and minds so that they, too, will be delivered from the “enemy of their souls.”

Pray for the small number of Christians who have come to Jesus from the Islamic faith.

Pray for an end to the civil war, famine, and drought which has plagued the nation since 1991. Please join others in the prayer vigil for the persecuted Church in Kenya by posting on this prayer wall

Do well to pray along with us and share this Post to others. Jesus loves you! thanks


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