Iran pastor Fathi’s appeal fails, against 74 lashes and extra years in prison

ICC Note: Iranian Pastor Farshid Fathi, who has served six years in prison for, was denied his appeal against an extra sentence of an additional year in jail and 74 lashes. Fathi’s second sentence came after alcohol was found in his prison ward and was attributed to him, an accusation he has strongly denied. 35 years old and a father of two, Fathi has been imprisoned since 2010 on counts of action against the regime and religious propaganda.

Iran(World Watch Monitor) An Iranian pastor serving a six-year prison term has failed in his appeal against a further sentence of 74 lashes and an additional year in jail – for the alleged possession in his cell of two litres of alcohol. This latest news about Farshid Fathi was first reported by Iran-focused Mohabat News on 30th May.


Middle East Concern (MEC) reports that the alcohol was found on Fathi’s prison ward in April 2014 during a raid by guards when he was in Evin Prison. MEC says that security officials attributed the alcohol to Farshid, who strongly denies this claim.

Such cases are usually addressed by a judicial court but Fathi’s case was submitted to the Revolutionary Court. Fathi, who has been in prison since 2010, denied the accusation when he appeared in the court in December 2014, after he had been transferred to Rajaei-Shahr prison in August 2014.

His lawyer’s appeal has now failed to overturn the original ‘extra’ sentence from December. About 60 other Christians, many belonging to house churches in Tehran and other cities, were arrested at the same time as Fathi on the day after Christmas in 2010. Most of those have now been released.…

Estimates from evidence provided by the American Center for Law and Justice, Article 18 and Middle East Concern, suggest that in May 2015 there were 90 people detained in Iranian prisons on account of their Christian faith and practice.…

Pray for His immediate release and full restoration.

Do well to pray along with us and share this Post to others. Jesus loves you! thanks


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