China 18 Member Still Denied Medical Attention, Wife Says

ICC Note: Please remember our brothers and sisters in Christ in China who have been imprisoned for speaking out about their desire for religious freedom. Their families suffer with them.  As the report below indicates, following this path of resistance can be very challenging — mentally, physically and spiritually — and they need our prayers.


By Rachel Ritchie 06/04/2015 China(China Aid)China 18 member Zhu Yufu’s wife informed China Aid that her imprisoned husband, whom she visited in China’s coastal Zhejiang in early May, is still in poor health and his morale is deteriorating. Jiang Hangli visited her husband, who is serving a seven-year prison term for “inciting subversion of state power” regarding a pro-democracy poem, on May 9. Jiang said authorities continue to deny Zhu necessary medical attention to treat his high blood pressure, cerebrovascular disease and coronary aneurysm — life-threatening diseases. In addition, Jiang said Zhu was in low spirits and only talked with her for 20 minutes instead of their usual 40 allows by the prison.

Zhu has been denied the right to monthly phone calls with family members, as well as comfort items, of which he most wants a Bible.

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