Bring Back Our Girls – Keeping the Hope on!


Mitchell Obama
(Credit: Google)

I woke up on the 15th of April,2014 to receive the news of the abducted Chibok girls a day before. I was shocked to the marrow about the number of students carted away, a whopping 276 or thereabout brilliant chaps with a budding future (figures not certain till now) taken away by the misguided religious bandits- Boko Haram who came under false pretence to take them away from their school hostel to a safer place, just to cool off the heat of terrorism ravaging their clime.

I followed keenly the action that followed this barbaric act with the hope that the girls will be brought back immediately through intelligence from Nigerian security apparatus but alas, the power that be never believe our News. They denied it blatantly and hung it on propaganda for 3 weeks before it dawn on them that the deed has been done.

Our girls are gone, gone far into the dreaded Sambisa Forest, (it is as large as a state in Nigeria). Some of our girls escaped, they in turn narrated their ordeal ranging from intimidation, molestation, indoctrination, rape and the likes.

In fact,  some parents of the victim are been engrossed by the thought that there children might not be seen again. This shock-thought led to ill-health of some parent and payment of the ultimate price of death by some other.

We counted the days. Day in day out… we anticipated.

It is one year that our girls are gone, but there are mysteries to be demystifies about the whereabout. No clear information about the circumstances behind their abduction… the sudden withdrawal of foreign security forces to rescue our girls after few weeks of military operation is fishy.
The body language of the Nigerian government has not helped matters as they give conflicting information about the Chibok girls.

This drum of justice ‘Bring back our girls’ should not stop…
The Cry and grief of the African Mother for her child taken away must not go in vain.
The hope of bringing the girls alive should not die…..

Our plea for justice shall prevail…

Boko Haram must STOP…

NIGERIA must be Green again… I mean Peace.

I join the whole world to CRY…… ‘BRING BACK OUR GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Shonde Abiola Alikama

Do well to pray along with us and share this Post to others. Jesus loves you! thanks


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