Most of us don’t have to worry about suicide
bombers or jihadist death squads when attending
church. But in Pakistan, Christians who go to church
risk their lives every Sunday. On March 15, last
Sunday, the Taliban attacked churches in Lahore,
Pakistan with suicide bombers and has warned that
more attacks are coming. Fifteen people, including
eleven Christians and four Muslims, were killed and
over 70 others were horribly wounded.
More needs to be done to provide for the protection
of believers as they courageously worship in their
churches. In tragedies like this, we provide a small
shop that the victim or wife can run that will sustain
the family for the rest of their lives. We also provide
long term educational support for children of the
victims so they don’t fall into generations of
extreme poverty as well as long term medical care,
prosthetic limbs, physical therapy and other needs
that will not be provided unless we partner to meet
their needs.
Would you please give to help these victims and the
hundreds and even thousands of other victims in

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