ICC Note: On Monday March 2, 2015, radical
Islamist terror group Boko Haram released a video
purportedly showing the beheadings of two men. In
the video, two men who are referred to as spies
have their arms tied behind them and are kneeling
before the camera before the gruesome acts is
committed. At the end of the video, a warning is
issued stating that a similar result awaits anyone
captured who is in supporting the Nigerian
government and their actions against the group.
This video supports the growing notion that Boko
Haram’s actions within recent months appear to be
mimicking the style of ISIS.
By Aminu Abubakar
03/02/2015 Nigeria (CNN) – Boko Haram, the
Islamist extremist group already blamed for
numerous horrific attacks in West Africa, posted a
graphic video online Monday showing the apparent
beheadings of two men who the group said were
suspected spies.
The six-minute video shows two men with their
arms tied to their backs. They are made to face the
camera on their knees, with another man towering
over one of them brandishing a knife.
The knife-wielding man reaches toward the throat
of one of the kneeling men, then the video switches
scenes to show what appear to be the bloody
severed heads of the two men placed on their
headless bodies.
The SITE Intelligence group, which monitors
extremist activities, released a translated transcript
from the video, including what SITE called an
“interrogation” of one of the two men. The man
identifies himself as a farmer from the Nigerian
town of Baga. He says he was told by a policeman
that if he provided information about “the residents
who live in here … I will become rich and never go
back to be a farmer again.”
The apparent beheadings then follow on the video.
SITE said the video, which included Arabic, English
and French subtitles, was posted online via Twitter
and “borrows certain elements from productions” of
beheadings by ISIS.
The video was posted by the media division of Boko
Haram, SITE said.
Violent Beheading Videos
Although this is the first purported beheading video
Boko Haram posted online. the group has previously
issued more detailed and extremely violent
beheading videos directly to journalists through
intermediaries. Unlike the video posted Monday,
previous ones have shown the actual decapitations.


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