From Me to You this Valentine! (A letter)

Songs of Solomon 4 vs. 12 (KJ2000) A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.

Hello Friends,  it is another day of celebrating love and I wish everyone imbibe the culture of love (agape) in their daily life. All the same, it is Valentine’s day.

Going this passage of Scripture few weeks back,  I was stupefied as to the description king SOLOMON gave of his heart betroth. A fountain sealed, and as garden shut up talked about chastity and purity of character, virtue, habit and behavior of a young damsel waiting to be taken up to the altar.
I felt the sincerity in the writer’s tone and his persistent waiting on the day of their union(every sincere young man should fill this fever).

This should be a lesson to us, imploring the female folks to guide their pride and dignity jealously with uttermost respect and fear of God. The male folks should also wait patiently for the appointed time (your marriage day)..Don’t loose your Dignity this period.


I was  also stunned by the highly revered appellation he gave the damsel… He called her  ‘Sister’ and bride. This shows to me that the only love and Care  that should be shown as they both are engaged is the Sisterly love.

You wouldn’t hurt the feeling of a sister, would you?

You wouldn’t induce and mouth talk a sister to have her in your bed, would you?

You wouldn’t bully a sister in your courting period,  would you?.

I know you wouldn’t do that. Making her a Sister shows that you will give her the uttermost respect and treat her like a sister.
(You know how to treat your biological sister…Treat your spouse more pleasant than that)

As I cross My T’s  and dot My i ‘s,  The perfect description of this scenario is Jesus being our groom and we, the Church being the Bride and Sister, He is coming for Bride whose garden or fountain has not been torn down by the world’s corruption and vanity. He is appreciative of those that kept the Faith, hold the banners high and honours Him in all things.

Are you His bride, Sister?  Scan through your life… Make a decision for Jesus today as you celebrate Love.

GOD is love, if you don’t know God, you can’t know Love.



Do well to share this post with your friends! Jesus Loves you.


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