Shake off Complacency

2/11/2015 Shonde Abiola Alikama: Complacency robs us of our privileges as a believer? Can we discuss this?
Complacency makes a slave out of a Knight.
It limits a great farmer to the position of a beggar of meal.
Complacency, a state of caring lesssssssssssss.
It is a state of hiding one’s face from reality. It is a state of having a feeling of knowing all, getting all at whatever extent.
It grieves me that at times , we in the New birth fall into this mole. Including me.
Most times you feel you are on top of the world…Needing nothing
At other times…little matters that ought to be taken serious are attack with a pitch of salt.
More of which we forget that Our dependence should be on our Creator
He created us for His pleasure.
He looks forward to having us look on Him as Paul admonished in the Holy writ.
Shake off Complacency today brethren…
Take on Humility, concern for others.
Pray when needed for others , give, visit, care at all time.
That is part of our duty as a Christian.
Romans 12 is the key to overcome Complacency.
Stay blessed.


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