Persecution taking new turn in India.

India (ICC/MNN) — In
the last 45 days, four
churches in New
Delhi, India, have
been attacked.
International Christian
Concern reported the
Marian grotto was
vandalized at night by three people. Though the
incident was caught on security footage, the
vandals are unknown. Many of the Christians in
New Delhi have become concerned and believe
there is a pattern of persecution towards followers
of Christ.


According to Matters India, the first incident took
place on December 1. St. Sebastian’s Church was
burnt and started protests from Christians
throughout the capital.
Just a week later, several people threw stones at
Our Lady of Fatima Forane church Jasola, breaking
window panes.
Matters India reported on January 3 that a fire was
started at the Church of Resurrection in Rohini.
The fourth attack, which took place on January 14
at Our Lady of Graces Church, happened just two
days after the Election Commission of India
announced the polls to elect Delhi’s legislative
assembly would be held on February 7. Three
people rode on a motorbike early in the morning
and vandalized the stained glass window and other
Father Balraj told Matters India they filed a First
Information Report and the police have already
identified the perpetrators.
Before the fourth attack, police said the two fires
and stone throwing were accidents, not crimes.
Father Mathew Koyickal told Matters India, “Now
they have no excuse.”
Continue praying for churches and Christians who
are persecuted everywhere.

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