Christian Genocide Is on the Rise as World Leaders
Have ‘Stood by and Watched,’ Persecution
Watchdog Head Accuses
ICC Note:
There was a rise in the genocide of Christians in
2014. Persecution was not new in 2014, it has been
on an upward swing for the last 10 years, with
world governments, including the United States,
turning a blind-eye. North Korea has topped the list,
for 13 years, as the most brutal and dangerous
country in the world to be a Christian.


1/8/2015 North Korea(Christian Post)-Persecution
watchdog group Open Doors has accused the U.S.
and world leaders of standing by and
watching Christian genocide happen in 2014,
following the release of its World Watch List of
countries where followers of Christ are most
heavily targeted. The group added that Christian
persecution is very much a “leading indicator” of
major humanitarian problems, such as the rise of
terror group ISIS.
Open Doors CEO David Curry told The Christian
Post in a phone interview on Wednesday that “there
has been a genocide of Christians in Iraq, and the
Western world stood by and watched it happen.”He
added that for 2015, he would like to see world
leaders “understand that the persecution of
Christians is a leading indicator, around the world,
of major humanitarian problems. It’s not that
Christians are collateral damage; it’s that they’re
being targeted — and wherever they are being
targeted, there are future problems.”

North Korea remained at the very top of the WWL
for the 13th consecutive year. Curry said that
despite the release of Korean-American Christian
missionary Kenneth Bae and a couple of other
western citizens that had been detained by the
government of Kim Jong Un, those cases do not, in
any way, show that North Korea is softening its
harsh treatment of Christians.
“It is number one on the WWL, the most brutal and
dangerous place in the world to be a Christian,
because the government requires and enforces with
hostility a total dedication to the hero worship of
their leader. So it’s gotten more dangerous in North
Korea, not less,” the Open Doors CEO said.
“I think the fact that he [Kim] has released one or
two foreigners likely has to do with some political
consideration, but it has not changed their posture
or their position on Christians within their country.
Christians are the number one enemy of the state,
according to North Korea, and they treat them with
great brutality.”

Open Doors warned that Christian persecution
around the world is likely to continue rising in 2015,
unless world leaders take more concrete actions to
safeguard the religious and human rights of people.
“They need to support the human rights issues
revolving around freedom of religious expression,”
Curry concluded.

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