Jesus, The Light of the World.

Last night I was going through a devotional which talked about light… I kept wondering about this light till I surrender to the peaceful hand of sleep.

I realized that the first point of call for God during creation was illumination. He said, ‘let there be light’. He could have said ‘let darkness disappear’, or ‘let there be land or water’, this could have unleashed something else but God choose light over all things so that there could first be clarity of purpose in creation. Genesis 1 vs 1-5.

God didn’t stop there, He decided to put a division between light and darkness, who knows maybe darkness may pose a threat…He gave each a purpose…the former to rule the day and the later the night… what a purpose driven action.

I was also astonished that God was never in a haste to proceed to do other things during creation…The Almighty beheld the Light and saw that it was good. He saw that only in the Light can one find goodness… then He proceeded.

The battle to quench this light was what the Old Serpent, the Devil fought head-on till man fell from grace out of cheer disobedience and mistrust in God…leaving the unregenerate man in thick darkness.

But thanks be to our Maker who gave us Light in the person of Jesus Christ…In fact He is not only the Light but He is also the Author of Light…Hence, Jesus said…’and the light shines and darkness comprehends it not’…Jesus has come to put out the World’s darkness and that those that believe in Him will not only have Light but they will have the Light of Life (Life Eternal). John 8 vs 12.

And now brethren, Our Benevolent one has been so good to us…why do you still hold on to darkness?
why have you decided to love the works of the Devil than the Fruit of the Spirit?

Jesus is calling daily. Come to Him…
Won’t you listen and harken to his voice?
Make haste that He may take away your darkness.

And perhaps, you are in Him but it seems your light is getting deem, losing it’s purpose maybe due to anxiety, cares of the flesh,world, and pride of Life…Look unto Him for the strength, look unto Jesus for Power, look unto the saviour for the intensity of your light and you will be glad as He lights up your life unto eternity…

Wishing you a Jesus filled, illuminating 2015

Shonde A.D


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