Meet Gena Wilson.

Scotland (MNN) — Overcoming life’s challenges is
a feat everyone must face at one point or another.
How a person overcomes said challenges shapes
character and reveals faith.


Gena Wilson, a Southern Baptist missionary
serving in Glasgow, Scotland with the International
Mission Board (IMB), is no stranger to challenging
circumstances. But she knows Who has gotten her
through each trial and openly gives Him the credit.
“God has been so, SO gracious in my journey, long
before cancer but especially during it, along with
leading up to the NYC marathon yesterday,” Wilson
stated after walking the entire New York City
marathon in early November.
Today, the two-time cancer survivor is back in
one of Scotland’s poorest communities, using her
experiences to point young people to Christ.
As part of IMB’s ImpactGlasgow Team, Wilson
builds relationships with impoverished young
people through sports, Christian clubs, tutoring,
and community outreach. The Lord has used many
trials in Wilson’s life to show His mercy and
strength to the people she encounters.
For example, in 2011, Wilson was forced by her
first bout of cancer to return to the U.S. for
treatment. While battling non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma,
she sent messages of encouragement back to
Scotland via social media.
“It’s so good that this happened, even if all that
[God] wanted to accomplish was to teach me how
to trust Him even in the midst of suffering,” Wilson
said in a special Christmas message to the
students she mentored at Springburn Academy.
When cancer revisited Wilson last year in the form
of a brain tumor, she was quick to reiterate the
source of her hope.
“God’s goodness is not defined by my health.
Cancer can’t touch heaven. The best is yet to
come,” she stated.
Overcoming cancer twice and walking a marathon
in nine hours has renewed Wilson’s passion for
proclaiming Christ in the greater Glasgow area. In
2015, she and her team will be bringing the love
and hope of Jesus to the darkest areas of Glasgow:
places where drug and alcohol addiction, teenage
pregnancy, chronic unemployment, and violence
run rampant.

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