Is ‘Pro-life’ still being preached in our Churches.

USA (MNN) — Political correctness is invading the
church in the western culture. Some churches
have abandoned their stand on homosexuality.
Divorce and remarriage is becoming less of an
issue with some churches. What about the pariah
of our culture today: abortion?


President of Life Matters Worldwide Tom Lothamer
says churches can’t abandon the biblical pro-life
message. God created man in His image, and
Lothamer says that image is the basis of our view
of people. “Many, many times, sad to say, pastors
don’t fully understand the implications of what
image means, what that has to do with the Gospel,
and what that has to do with how we treat each
other” — not just each other within the church, but
every human being from conception to death.
Life Matters is talking with churches globally about
their view of people. Valuing life is important in
outreach, says Lothamer. “If we’re in a culture that
doesn’t value life and it’s no big deal because of
convenience or because of other issues, then that
has an impact on culture where we become a
more of a culture of death than of life.”
Most churches agree with their message, but
some respond negatively. “Sometimes it’s just
silence; they just won’t do it. Sometimes they
might think, ‘Wow, maybe I have someone in my
church who’s had an abortion.’”
That silence can cause other problems, especially
with young people, says Lothamer. “It might be a
young lady who’s 14, 16, or 18 who becomes
pregnant and she’s never really heard about it in
the church. She may say, ‘Well, maybe I’ll get an
While most evangelical churches are pro-life,
many pastors haven’t been trained. Life Matters
can help your church integrate pro-life ministry.
“We’re in churches all the time and teaching about
this. We have all kinds of materials–pastors’
materials and education materials for lay people,
from conception to natural death.
Life Matters also has a ministry called Living in
Faith Together, or LIFT. Lothamer explains, “The
LIFT ministry is to the elderly and those who are
facing chronic or terminal illness, and how we the
body can care for members of our congregation
who are going through that.”
Lothamer says the pro-life worldview needs to be a part of every church, which can have
evangelistic impact. With crisis pregnancy and end of life support, churches can have great impact. “It says something to those people, and they’re [asking], ‘Why are you helping me like this?’ It gives us opportunities to share why we’re doing
this. We can present Christ to them in a very loving and compassionate way; many are coming to
Christ through these ministries.”
Support Life Matters Worldwide financially to help
more Christians understand the pro-life message.
Or, if you’d like additional information on how to implement pro-life ministry in your church.

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