Boko Haram Claims Mubi

Nigeria (MNN) — Nigeria has suffered another terrorist attack at the hand of Boko Haram.

The group took Mubi on Wednesday. This is the second largest city in Adamawa, one of the largest states of Nigeria.

An eyewitness told The Nation that the terrorists split into four groups and headed for Uba. As news was broken to the soldiers, they fled. At 6:00AM, Boko Haram moved in groups to attack Mubi. And about two hours later, Boko Haram militants went after defenseless residents.

Leadership Newspaper reports that they attacked the prison yard and set inmates free. They also burned down the Mubi police station and have imposed curfew on the city.

Boko Haram hoisted their black flag, taking the city.

In return, thousands have turned to hiding in bushes, the hills, or fleeing into neighboring towns.

James Audu told Reuters, “I saw many dead bodies in the bush and many injured people were lying helpless, especially children and women. They killed a lecturer and his entire family. I saw them get shot.”

Refugees are without food, blankets, and shelter.

Christian Aid Mission, your link to indigenous missions, reports that missionaries are working hard to help the traumatized families. They are handing out food and blankets, but they say that there are not enough. They are also helping to give hope and faith by spreading the word of God.

Pray for safety and courage for the missionaries and refugees as they are suffering greatly. Pray for wisdom for the military.VOM_Prosthetics-199x300


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