Church building suffer setback. Pray!

Guinea (MNN/NTM) — It was January 2004 when the Bryant family first arrived in Guinea to minister to the Landuma people.

“Ten years ago,” Ginny says, “and we still remember that shell-shocked feeling we had…. We were greeted by endless noise, crazy smells, months of no running water in the house, intense heat, sporadic electricity, new foods and sickness…. The list could fill a book.”

Arriving at this 10-year ministry milestone causes Dan and Ginny to reflect with much joy upon the goodness and grace of God. “It is honestly only by God’s work and Hand in our lives we are still in Guinea,” Ginny acknowledges.

With a lot of excitement, Dan and Ginny share news about the plan to begin construction on a small church building. Not physically impressive or large, the church building will be just one room made of baked mud with a tin roof. If that doesn’t sound like much of a church building, Ginny hastens to explain.

“It is a huge step,” she writes, “for the chief and others to even give their permission for this building to be put up. It will give the Landuma church a permanent place to meet, as well as to hold kids’ clubs and other activities.”

Though initial approval was secured, the church building project has had some set-backs and delays. Official representatives have come and asked for a delay in the building project. Each of these officials now seems reluctant to give final approval.

So, the little church building is still waiting to be started. “Some here definitely do not want to see this happen,” Dan observes.

There is something important thatyoucan do, and the Bryants are asking you to do it. You can stop right now and pray for the Landuma church and for the little church they are trying to build. Pray that God will give this group of believers favor with those who are in charge of approving the project. Pray that the Landuma church will be permitted to build their one-room mud meeting place for the honor and glory of God in drawing many more Landuma people to Himself and for the continued growth and encouragement of believers in their village.

Primary Language: French
Primary Religion: Islam
Evangelical: 0.7%
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Pray that the church will be permitted to build their meeting place.
Pray for the continued growth and encouragement of Landuma believers.
Pray for encouragement and fruitfulness for the Bryant family.


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