Halleluyah! 88 years Old Missionary recovers from surgery

recovery from surgery

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International (SGA/MNN) — Andrew Semenchuk was admitted to intensive care on December 6 for bleeding on the brain.
Andrew Semenchuk is an active missionary with Slavic Gospel Associationand has been ministering to Russia with the Gospel since 1934.
After being hospitalized with bleeding in his brain last week, Andrew has improved and has been moved out of intensive care into a private room. He is alert and in great spirits, and is able to take walks. His appetite is improving, and the Lord is using Andrew in the hospital as a witness through his sweet, gentle spirit.
The doctors have been waiting for the clotted blood to thin as much as possible, and surgery was scheduled for Monday, December 16. According to Andrew’s daughter, Ruthie, the surgeon is cautiously optimistic. However, Andrew’s condition is still considered serious, and the family asks that we continue to intercede in prayer.
SGA’s Bob Provost shared the family’s gratefulness for your prayers.
SGA will issue an update as soon as they can. Be sure to check out their Web sitefor this information.

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