Sex Slaves delivered in Asia

Asia (MNN) — There’s a praise report coming from the bowels of a closed country in Asia. Patrick Klein with Vision Beyond Borderssays they recently shared the Gospel with 28 women trapped in sex trafficking.
100’s of women of all ages stand openly in front of brothels. Men of all ages walk through these streets, usually in a drug or alcohol induced stupor, as if shopping at an outlet mall of darkness and sin.
(Image, caption courtesy VBB via Facebook)
“We actually had six women come to faith in Jesus Christ, and now they want out of the sex industry,” Klein shares.
Two of the seven team members were formal sex slaves and shared their testimonies with the group.
“They can really minister to these girls in a powerful way and say, ‘I was here. I lived here and…you can come out; you don’t have to live in this lifestyle. There is hope in Jesus Christ, and He can wash your sins away. He can give you a new heart and a new life’,” says Klein.
With their parents’ full consent, the pair was sold by their brother into the sex trade for $10. The Lord rescued them from their hellish conditions after 15 years, but today the ladies face repercussions in the form of HIV and a similar immune deficiency.
These sicknesses aren’t dampening the women’s fire, though, Klein says. Both are eager to save more girls from the once-familiar chains of trafficking.
“They keep in contact with the girls who are in the red-light district, and [they] are sharing the Gospel with them,” says Klein.
Another woman at the meeting shared some words from the Bible about God’s love for the women, the reason why God created them, and how special they all are in God’s Kingdom. It was a foreign message to most.
“A lot of these girls believe they’re being punished for something they did wrong in their former life,” says Klein. He goes on to explain the only hope most women hold is that if they “succeed” as a sex slave, they might be reincarnated as something better in the next life.
The message of a woman’s worthlessness, or inferior life role, is reinforced by the efforts of non-governmental organizations.
“Non-government organizations come in and they say, ‘We want to protect the health of the women, make sure the women are not being beat up,’” Klein says. “They provide protection for the men so that, supposedly, the women are safe.
“[They say,] ‘We’ll provide them free-of-charge to you so you can keep using these girls over and over again.’ And we’re saying, ‘No, this is not right…this goes against God’s Word and it’s not what women were created for: to be used by men.’” VBB counteracts this country’s cultural messages with the Truth of the Gospel.
“God has a plan and a purpose for these ladies’ lives, and He loves them enough to send His Son, Jesus, to die on a cross,” Klein recounts.
You can come alongside Vision Beyond Borders and help save more women from sex trafficking here.
“27 million girls and women that have been sold into sex trafficking–and children–around the world: that’s huge! But when we think about it, it’s not too big for God. And we need to just be praying,” Klein says.
Pray that more women and girls trapped in sexual slavery will find freedom and new life in Christ. Pray that they will be literally rescued, too. Ask the Lord to open the eyes of men and institutions that use these women for evil.
“Pray for the brothel owners, that these people would be convicted of sin, of righteousness and judgment to come,” Klein asks.
The documentary “Trafficked” from Vision Beyond Borders helps you share the plight of human trafficking with your small group or congregation. Reserve a copy by contacting Vision Beyond Borders here.
(Image courtesy VBB).

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*.Pray that more women and girls trapped in sexual slavery will find freedom and new life in Christ.
*.Pray for their literal rescue from sexual slavery.
*.Ask the Lord to open the eyes of men and institutions that use these women for evil.


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