Jesus healing balm on Gaje! Read more

Gaje-The Woman Who Survived Cervical Cancer| Author: Oworu
CAPRO work among the Hausas in Kaduna State started around 1990/91. Six full-time missionaries are presently serving among this people group. There are standing converts among whom are Fulanis. One of these Fulani convert is Gaje-a married woman. In year 2012, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer at Ahmadu Bello Teaching Hospital, Zaria. She was to undergo surgery for her womb to be removed after series of test. The surgery was delayed because of cultural consequence if her womb is to be removed. There was need to inform her parents and her husband. This was a great task for the leader of our team. He needed to convince them. The time was running out as the medical team attending to Gaje told the brethren.
By the time the husband finally agreed for the surgery to be done, the team of ABUTH consultants ran fresh tests on her in preparation for the surgery. She visited the hospital with one of the missionaries on several occasions for examination and cross-examination. At the end, a day was fixed for all the medical team to conclude on her case. Will she go for the surgery, will she not go? Everyone was waiting. Thousands of naira had been raised by the brethren in preparation for the surgery. Prayers were raised in several places. There was a time prayers was raised for her in our quarterly praise prayer calendar (PPC). On the D-day, the medical team among whom were professors certified her hail and healthy. Cervical cancer had disappeared! Her husband and that of the brethren joy was more than what the word of mouth could explained. Our God heals without discrimination. Here is a poor village woman who survived a disease that has killed a lot of highly placed people in this generation.
As at September 2013, Gaje is eight months pregnant. A woman whose womb was to be removed.Pray for safe delivery for her. Pray God to use this miraculous healing to bring more Fulani and Hausa women around her to faith in Christ. Culled from CAPRO


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