Bori cannot suck Jesus Blood…

Jesus Blood versus Bori SpiritDate: October 23, 2013 | Author: Oworu
In an effort to spread the gospel, the team among the Kamukus went to a village and ask for a land where they could farm. They could not secure any because some rich men from the city who are of another faith had gone there earlier before this time and bought everywhere. In ‘frustration’ our team left the village after several attempt.
Not quite long after this, Danladi a young Muslim man visited his uncle who is an evangelist in another village. Danladi is a graduate of a Qur’anic School and was preparing to get married but had not completed the payment of the dowry. During his stays with the uncle, the man invited him to join the Christian literacy class he had organized for some youth. While going through this literacy class, Danladi gave his life to Christ in the process. This happened during Ramadan and he therefore decided to continue with the fast so that, other Muslims might not think he did so because of hunger. He also continued going to the mosque during this period.
Hajara, Danladi’s step-mother visited them and she was touched by her step-son’s changed life and she desired to become a Christian. When she was about to be prayed for, she asked if Jesus could save her three children from being killed by Bori. She was a member of Bori cult and the spirit had killed seven of her children remaining those three.
She was assured that since Bori cannot suck Jesus’ blood it cannot suck her blood. She was also encouraged to tell this to the spirit whenever it comes to attack. Sure enough the Bori spirit came the same day while she was asleep. She began to plead the blood of Jesus in her sleep. When she woke up her baby was almost dead. The child was rushed to a nearby clinic but the case was beyond their power. So they brought the child to the mission base and the missionary couple prayed for the child and gave him some drugs. They implored the woman to stay with them with the child for some days.
Hajara’s husband, a native doctor though a Muslim came looking for his wife and child. He is Danladi’s father. He pleaded with the missionaries to deliver his wife from Bori spirit and he was told that she is already a Christian. He was encouraged to give his life to Christ too so that he and his wife could join hands to conquer the devil. He expressed his appreciation and joined the team in daily devotion. Pray that he will give his life to Christ though they have since returned to their village. Culled from CAPRO

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