Hallelujah! An Imprisoned Christian released in Iran.

Iran (MNN) ―There’s reason to celebrate in Iran. Voice of the Martyrs USAsays Iranian Christian Mostafa Bordbar has been released from the notorious Evin Prison.
Bordbar was arrested, along with 50 other Iranian Christian converts, last December while celebrating Christmas in Tehran. According to VOM, they were detained and interrogated for hours.
This summer, Bordbar was handed a ten-year prison sentence. VOM says his so-called crimes included membership in an “anti-security organization” and “gathering with intent to commit crimes against Iranian national security.” Bordbar was given a five-year sentence for each.
A summary of all the charges against Mostafa Bordbar can be found here.
When Bordbar received his sentence in July, his lawyer appealed. During a scheduled hearing at the end of October, the court withdrew all charges. Bordbar was finally released from Evin earlier this week. He spent a total of 11 months there.
Iran has increasingly come under fire from the international community for its human rights record and treatment of prisoners of conscious, including dozens of imprisoned believers.
On Wednesday, MNN learned of U.S. Pastor Saeed Abedini’s transferfrom Evin to an even more dangerous prison in Karaj.
In 2005, Dutch diplomat Loes Bijnen said of Rajai Shahr Prison, “Going to Karaj is a severe punishment. Once in there, one stops to be a human being.
“Murders or unexplained deaths are a regular occurrence.”
Pray for believers who are still behind bars in Iran. Praise God for Bordbar’s release, and pray for his continued safety.
You can write a letter of encouragement to an imprisoned believer in Iran or petition for their freedom here.
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Pray for continued protection over Bordbar and his family.
Praise God for the release of Mostafa Bordbar from Evin Prison.
Pray for freedom for the plethora of Iranian believers behind bars.